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Nevada Technology

Demetrios Demetriou,

Director of Nevada Technology Ltd.

Nevada Technology, established in February 2000, is privately owned, and self financing. Our mission is to provide innovative ideas and radical new inventions in the world of biotechnology - addressing the real needs of patients. Our technologies will be commercialized through our licensees.

Management Team

Development of our devices is an interdisciplinary effort, involving the collaboration of material scientists and engineers, biomedical engineers, pathologists, surgeons and clinicians. The Core team consists of:

·         Demetrios Demetriou, Director, designer and inventor with a strong focus on the human-machine partnership for implantable devices and their varied applications.

·         Sonia Demetriou, Personnel Manager.

External Evaluators

·         Professor Andrew Nicolaides has become known internationally for his work on venous thrombo-embolism, noninvasive vascular investigations with particular emphasis on venous disease, cardiac assessment of the arteriopath and, more recently, for his contribution in carotid plaque characterization, identification of patients at increased risk for stroke and stroke prevention.

Further information about Professor Nicolaides can be found here.