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Nevada Technology is at the forefront of developments to harness the body's own power.

The BioPower series of fully implantable, rechargeable, power sources offer many advantages over technology currently in use and in development.

Harnessing the power available in the body has been the subject of much research for many people. We have chosen a simple, proven, surgical method for capturing the power in the body. Our devices have come a long way since our first design concept, BioPower1. They now use simpler principles of operation - reduction in size being one of our primary goals.

Currently, we have 3 models in development, using either of 2 key principles:
natural movement activation or kinetic energy. All the devices are controlled, and can be managed via telemetry link.


This device has been radically re-engineered to combine two proven principles to produce a unique device, relying on kinetic energy for power generation.

Both the two principles have been used extensively, commercially, for at least 25 years. We are confident that the transfer of this technology into BioKinet will produce effective power generations in excess of 20 years.

BioKinet is 7cm3, and is implantable subcutaneously.

BioKinet is designed to be used for pacemakers, chronic pain, bladder control, foot drop, and Parkinson’s disease.

Download BioKinet Datasheet