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Key Benefits of our Technology

BioPower is now proven technology that offers realizable patient and economic benefits - for both healthcare providers and manufacturers.

Lithium batteries are a well developed and proven technology, and rechargeable lithium batteries are now available. Until now they have been recharge through a transcutaneous RF link or through direct electrical connection. BioPower technology offers a better solution.

The BioPower device is fully implantable and able to provide continuous power to charge a battery or milli-Farad rated double-layer capacitor as, and when, necessary. This will give patients more freedom and confidence knowing that they carry their own rechargeable power source.

Other key benefits include:

  • Proven technology as a medical device.
  • Faster generation of power compared to other kinetic devices).
  • Faster charging of devices compared to other energy sources.
  • Lightness compared with other devices.
  • No interference with other body processes (for instance compared to RF technology).
  • Encasement in approved biocompatible material enables easier regulatory control.
  • The device can be used for all key competitive indications.

The BioPower Implantable Power Generators offers the biomedical sector new and exciting opportunities to realize innovations that have been waiting for a reliable power source within the body. BioPower devices provide the power required on a long term basis without the need for external connections.

Who would use this device?

The BioKinet device can best be described as an 'accessory device' to power other implantable devices. Therefore, anyone who has an electronic implanted medical device could potentially benefit from our power source. BioPower offers the medical world the possibilities of:

  • Posture and balance control
  • Locomotion for the severely disabled
  • Vision
  • Implanted infusion pumps e.g. for diabetes
  • Artificial larynx
  • Enhanced bladder control
  • Pain control
  • Cardiac assist devices

Many applications and technologies will emerge in the near future such as applications that require CPU power hungry FFT signal analysis of sensor data, or implant communication over a greater range than presently available.

The Future

Having an implantable, rechargeable power source, such as the BioPower generator opens up new horizons for electronic devices that, until now, have been impractical owing to their power consumption requirements. For example, with the current trends in miniaturization of electronics, it will soon easily be possible to implant communications devices within the body, allowing nerve impulses to control computers, optical devices, radio receivers, etc.